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Make your business reach the highest level with Vasmol.

This is an SMS-based subscription service where users receive content on romance, love matters and on how to care properly for the opposite sex.
What He/She Wants are SMS-based services where subscribers get content on dating tips for both sexes.
This is a video service where subscribers receive snippets of sermons, prayers, devotions from renowned men of God to help improve their spiritual lives.
This is both an SMS and a video-based service where subscribers receive content on words, expressions and phrases in the French language.
Money Matters is a subscription service where users receive content on financial matters such as exchange rates and all other content pertaining to money.
Trending Videos provides video content on popular issues and the latest gist in the arts and entertainment industry.
Get access to 200+ top-rated, light weight fun games which can be played via mobile web browsers.

Third-Party Services

We have partnered with third-parties to deliver innovative services through our easy-to-use mobile marketing platforms.

Our mobile marketing solutions include SMS based applications, USSD menu subscription services, subscriber-friendly and interactive IVR solutions to keep customer satisfaction levels high throughout the customer journey.

VAS Digital Portal

VASHUB is a web platform that provides curated rich content from our existing SMS content bouquet. All content are available from one platform, enabling users to access them in a more digitized format.

Subscribed users are eligible to partake in the TRIVIA GAME, where they gather play points and can use their points to redeem rewards.


This promotion is an opportunity for customers of Vodafone to be rewarded for their loyalty with prizes such as IPhone 12 monthly and ultimately a 2-bedroom apartment.

Vodafone customers can join the promotion by texting WIN/START to the short code 2018 or dialing *2018*1# and play a Trivia Game under daily subscription cost of GHS 0.85, involving five (5) set of questions and answers. Customers will have to stay subscribed to the promotion to gain points to stand a chance to win prizes.

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